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 Rules that should be followed

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PostSubject: Rules that should be followed   Thu Apr 03, 2008 12:38 am

1. Listen to the Guild Master and Officers.

2. Always be online and ready to raid at the sceduled time.(if there is a reason you can not come to the raid inform us at the group forum).

3. Always read www.bosskillers.com .If you DO NOT know the tactics,you will be replaced.

4. Always buy potions-elixirs-food buffs-regeants for all raids or else you will be replaced.(Guild has alchemists cookers etc so ask them to make you with your matts.)

5. Deposit 5 gold after every weakly reset to the guild bank.

6. Tanks will be awarded 20 gold each for repairs.

7. Players check class forum.When in raid only PvE speq is acceptable.Ask your class leaders if you have questions.PvP speq players will be replaced.

8. Priority is given to ranked players.Equal rank players will be given class priority.

9. Do not ask from Guild Bank cause there are 25 daillys (150 gold minimum).

10.Read AGAIN and undstand the rules.

These rules are for better managment of the Guild we are aiming to do all raids in game.
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Rules that should be followed
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