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 Gruul raid

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PostSubject: Gruul raid   Tue May 06, 2008 5:12 pm

Gruul raid this week SATURDAY 16:00 SERVER TIME 17-5-2008

Buy food buffs + potions or else u will not be invited.
Know plans and tactics or else u will not be invited.
Be on time or else u will not be invited.
Drops are distributed by DKP
Be online and outside for changes and u still get dkp.

Players needed in Mauglar:5 tanks-9 healers-11 dps

Players needed in groul:2 tanks-7 healers-16 dps

Many replacments must be online.
The raid will be till 18:00.If 18:00 gruul is alive the read plans for next time coz raid is over.
After Gruul we try first time TEMPEST KEEP VOID REAVER.

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Gruul raid
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