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PostSubject: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT READ ALL   Sun Apr 20, 2008 12:59 pm

because of the days and the easter that is comming. many ppl want to relax do some vacations.

as guild we understant this and for this week of easter only. we will not organize a kara or a grull raid

What i want to say is that the 3 raid leaders (morendel, painmuster, thiseus) we not are not plan 3 official kara run that we do every week

so for this week only we will organize randoms kara run with our guild mates. so if you want to kara just say is to g chat inv 10ppl from the guild and run kara for badges Smile

ofc if the raid is not organized from an officer of the guild. guild rulles is not aplyed.
but if for example an officer says in the g chat i need 9 ppl for kara. because of the officer the guild rules will be applied.
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