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 Important notice for mages who want to raid!

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PostSubject: Important notice for mages who want to raid!   Wed Apr 09, 2008 6:50 am

Who ever wants to raid with speqs suchs as 14/0/47 or 0/0/61 plz go and change your speq.If you read the guild rules PvP speqs are not acceptable in raids.We all know that frost is not a PvE speq but a PvP.So this is an important warning for those who are still want to raid as frost.It is simple you will not be invited!!!So plz be carefull and change your speq.I will not accept any excusse of the type ''I didnt have the money or the time or i am not used to the fire speq''.

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Important notice for mages who want to raid!
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