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 First try in Gruuls lair

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PostSubject: First try in Gruuls lair   Sun Apr 06, 2008 4:49 am

What do i need from u? : FOOD BUFFS - POTIONS - FLASKS - ELIXIRS - and especially:WWW.BOSSKILLERS.COM!i m not going to explain everyone the tactics so read em good.know ur place.(take ur pvp gear with u in case u need em)

Now i want more ppl on line coz we need replacements!
All of the guild try to be on line.I really dont want to take randoms...

(ppl who can not come contact gm/officers/classleaders in game)

MAUGLAR DOWN!!Gr8 work for first try.The bad news are that we had randoms with us...
and i told u be online..If u do not come to raids then no point having u in guild..Warriorhorned already left and i will personally kick some ppl wqho said that they ll be there.Its a game sure.but i pay money.like all of u.And i wanna play..

For all of those who love me...FOLLOW MEEEE
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First try in Gruuls lair
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