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 Friday SSC raid Sunday TK raid

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PostSubject: Friday SSC raid Sunday TK raid   Wed Jun 18, 2008 12:52 am

This friday 20/6 at est 19.00 (Paraskeui wra ellados 20:00) we are going to SSC at Lurker,Hydross,leotheras or Morogrimand Sunday 15/6 est 16.00 (Kuriaki wra ellados 17:00) we are to TK at Void Reaver.There are going to be invites according to the raid needs by class and according to your gear.Who ever wants to gain some dkp durring the raid except from the people who will be inside SSC or TK,has to be in the raid group and w8 outside SSC or TK during the raid.You will be informed ingame about your partitipation.We need all the guild members to be online at that time.

1.Read the plans of every boss in SSC and especially Leotheras the blind,Hydross and Morogrim!
2.Read plans in TK Void reaver.
2.Bring pots,food buffs,elixirs and use them during the raid!
3.Update omen!
4.All have Omen and Deadly boss mode enabled!

Follow these instruction and consider them as guild rules!
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Friday SSC raid Sunday TK raid
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